Half-Price Degree!

Here's how I'm "cheating" the system and getting a half-price degree!

I talk a lot about college debt-free, and I'm working on my bachelor's degree - $1 at a time. I practice what I preach, and today I'm going to share my degree plan so you can see I'm not recommending magic that doesn't work for everyone. These programs are available to anyone with internet access (just like Facebook and Instagram!)

First, I took advantage of the Sophia Learning "Free for 90 Days" program in March 2020 and then paid the annual $149 annual enrollment fee offered to me in July 2020 to get an entire year's access. I took 79 credits on Sophia's platform in 15 months, and 54 of them transferred directly to my degree at Colorado State University Global. Sophia charges a flat fee of $79/month now, and you can take as many classes as you'd like as long as you are only enrolled in two at a time.

Next, I'm enrolling at StraighterLine simultaneously with a trimester of classes at CSU. StraighterLine is $99/month plus $49-$79 per class, and all the courses I need are accepted by CSU. I will retake English Comp 1 and 2 (those didn't transfer from Sophia), Biology with a Lab, and Business Law. The total for those 4 classes and 4 months' access is $721 (or $919 if it takes me 6 months to complete all four courses.) The same 4 courses at my university would be $4900 plus the cost of books!

Finally, I will complete the rest of my accounting degree with a specialization in fundraising at CSU - Global Campus. After all the classes at StraighterLine and Sophia, I have 19 classes left at a total of $19,950 plus books. We will cash flow over the next 2-3 years with savings, scholarships, and the money I make working with financial coaching, bookkeeping, and teaching online.

If you qualify, you can get Pell Grants for up to $6,495 per year, which would cover my degree plan in total over three years! That would bring your total cost between Sophia (12 months), StraighterLine (6 months/4 courses), and CSU - Global (57 credits) to $1,867 for a four-year degree!

Between all 3 programs, my BS in Accounting with Fundraising Specialization will cost approximately $20,820-$21,018. As you can see, taking this route does require some planning and savings, but my entire degree will cost less than just the average for one year at a private college ($43,775) or out-of-state public college ($28,238)! Even 4 years at an in-state public college will average around $46,500 - and my degree plan is HALF that!